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Sarras e.U.

Sarras e.U. is a consulting and trade company based in Vienna (Austria) founded in 2007. Our focus is on the equipment for optical inspections and especially the microscopy.

The equipment for the dark field microscopy is our specialty. Not only the dark field microscope is at the center of our offer but rather a total solution for a professional but at the same time economical dark field equipment. This includes a matched combination of dark field microscope, adapter, HD microscope camera and HD monitor. In addition to the equipment, we also offer technical trainings (in German, English or Greek) in order that you will be able to use the equipment successful.

Kostas Sarras (Founder and Managing Director of Sarras e.U.)


Microscope, Cameras and Accessories

In this section you will find information and the technical data sheets of the individual components, which compose our packages (sets). The individual components (e.g. the dark field microscope or the camera) are available also separately in our webshop.

Dark Field Microscope

Dark field microscope OPTIKA B-510DK
The dark field microscope OPTIKA B-510DK manufactured by OPTIKA has been designed for use in laboratories and especially for LBA examinations. It can be combined by adapter with SLRs or microscope cameras for the live image transmission to a monitor and for recordings.

Microscope Head Type: Trinocular observation head, inclined 30° and rotatable 360°.

Objektives: Plan-achromatic, infinity corrected objectives: 4X, 10X, 40X and 100X. The 100X-objective is an oil immersion objective with built-in iris (see image below). All objectives are treated with an anti-fungus treatment.
oil immersion objective 100X

Condenser: This is the core part of the dark field microscope. It has an integrated high-power LED with adjustable intensity (Colour temperature: 6.300K, LED life time: ca. 50.000 hours)

Dark Field Condenser from OPTIKA

Technical Specifications: Dark Field Microscope OPTIKA B-510DK (PDF)

HD Microscope cameras

Microscope cameras
For the live view and recording we offer the models HDC DF1 and the more economic solution Tucsen HD-Lite. Both cameras are equipped with highly sensitive sensors suitable for recording in particularly difficult environments such as dark field or fluorescence microscopy. Both have a HDMI output for direct connection to a HDMI monitor (without PC in between). In addition, they also provide a USB output if you want to operate the camera with a Windows PC via the USB interface. Below is a summary of the main features.
Camera with attached mouse on its USB port
Integrated mouse control: this is a special feature of these models: in HDMI mode, the supplied mouse can be connected to the USB port of the camera. With the mouse you can then activate the on-screen menu and use it to take pictures and videos and control all camera settings.

Multi signal output: The cameras can be connected directly to a HDMI monitor (via their HDMI port) or to a PC (via their USB port). With the HDC DF1 model, even both outputs can be used in parallel. In HDMI mode the HDC DF1 camera achieves up to 60 frames/sec while the Tucsen HD Lite achieves up to 15 frames/sec.

Flexible exposure times: In addition to auto-exposure mode, the cameras allow you to adjust manually exposure and gain. The exposure time can be adjusted nearly continuously (graduation: 1 ms).

Zoom – mirror - compare: Both the on-screen menu (HDMI mode) and the PC application offer zoom functions and the ability to mirror the image horizontally/vertically. In addition, you can divide the screen vertically in two halves: one half shows the live image and the second an existing image from your image gallery to compare preparations.

Built-In Player: Already taken pictures and videos are stored on the removable SD card of the camera. You can browse through them and have them played by the camera on the HDMI monitor - without a PC!

Technical Specifications: HDC DF1(PDF) and Tucsen HD-LITE (PDF)


Samsung Monitor ls27h650fdu
The ideal complement to your darkfield equipment with a high-quality monitor from the business line of the manufacturer SAMSUNG. This product line has been developed for professional use and therefore meets the highest standards in terms of image quality and color precision. The monitor is reflection-free and 100% compatible with our cameras.

Data Sheet (PDF): SAMSUNG S27H650FDU (PDF)

Optical Adapter 0,5X

Optical Adapter
With this optical adapter, you can connect our microscope cameras to the trinocular tube of the B-510DK darkfield microscope and capture photos and videos.

This adapter has a variable focal length integrated optics so that the image you see through the eyepieces and the image on the screen is sharp at the same time and no annoying fine-tuning correction is required when changing the viewing between the eyepieces and the screen.


consumables for dark field
Our darkfield starter kit includes everything you need in order to operate with the darkfield microscope and start working immediately. The contained products come from reputable manufacturers. The individual products can also be purchased separately via our webshop.

Solutions and Prices

of dark field microscopy systems

The following sets are already tuned combinations for live view and image/video recording. PLUS sets also include an HD monitor. These sets already cover over 90% of the use cases. Special compositions such as for connection to already purchased components or SLRs can be offered on request.


  • Microscope OPTIKA B-510DK
  • Camera HDC DF1
  • Adapter OPTIKA M620.1
  • Monitor Samsung S27H650FDU 27"

HD Set

  • Microscope OPTIKA B-510DK
  • Camera HDC DF1
  • Adapter OPTIKA M620.1
  • ---


  • Microscope OPTIKA B-510DK
  • Adapter OPTIKA M620.1
  • Monitor Samsung S27H650FDU 27"


  • Microscope OPTIKA B-510DK
  • Adapter OPTIKA M620.1
  • ---

In the following video, you will see a capture through the trinocular of the OPTIKA B-510DK dark field microscope, which was recorded on our demo unit.

In the following video you can see the practical use of the HDC DF1 camera. You'll see the mouse control mechanism, zooming, recording, comparison and playing back recorded images. This setup corresponds to the HDMI mode where no PC or software installations are required for camera control and record/playback. In this video, the camera is connected to the previous model of the B-510DK - the B-500TDK.


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